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What is People Power X? 
A collection of people reporting on the government! 

The need for people to watch our government and know what is really happening came out of the  Coronavirus. People could not trust our government so they panicked by people purchasing overstock of toilet paper etc. If we trusted our government, then people would more than likely followed what our president was telling us to do.  

If everyone works together we can watch our government and make others aware! 
No more fake news! No more what is true and what is not! Let's stop advocates who have researched and telling others what is really happening from being called conspirist theorists!

Become a reporter!

To stop this we need people to attend government meetings and report on information that is important for us to know. Other group meetings may also arise that you would need to attend as well, but they should be in your state. You will report to an expert on your information you feel everyone needs to know. Only the expert or the people you meet at meetings will know who you are. 

Meetings to attend:
House of Representatives
Legislative Council
County Commissioners
City Commissioners

Become a spy!

We only need one reporter for each position, but if you would like to attend and report you can, this way we can make sure no one is being bribed by these officials and you can become the reporter if that position should open up. Only the experts will know who you are. You can attend meetings, but you can not identify that you are a spy, you will just be a concerned citizen. 

Become an expert!

If you would like to organize reporters in your state, update the website for your state, and hold meetings when needed, you will want to be one of our experts! You will be in contact with your state reporters and will need to share their information. 

This page will be for the US Government
Secretary Of State
Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)

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